Hi there! I am Deirdre. I have been passionate about photography, nature and animals all of my life. The first camera I had was a blue plastic toy that took film, which I later upgraded to my dad’s old Minolta. I grew up in the woods of Northern Minnesota and the mountains of Colorado. Both states inspiring me to escape into the wilderness for peace, comfort and happiness. In these wild places I connected with wildlife and the gifts of our natural world.

My aim in photography is to capture moments and places that are beautiful and important. I believe conservation is my calling and through my work as a photographer, hope to share a passion that will lead to future stewardship of this planet. With so many changes happening to our climate, I live to capture the world as it is.

I am a 2019 Groundskeeper for Granite Gear, which is an exciting opportunity to represent Leave No Trace and a handful of companies that support leaving an invisible footprint and taking care of the planet in responsible, sustainable ways. I am thankful to be sponsored by Big Agnes, Honey Stinger and Tailwind Nutrition. Three companies that also support responsible outdoor recreation.

I do plenty of freelance photography and writing, along with a healthy dose of public speaking. To hire me for any of these, please head over to the “purchase” page and fill out the contact form.

I currently reside in the San Juan Mountains with my husband Jon and our crazy dog Bivy.

To support my efforts please consider subscribing to my Patreon, which you can find right here.