I’ve had many blogs in my time. Some successful, some not so much. Some long lasting, some... about one entry long. The most recent blog I ran was quite successful- Let’s Play Instead. I retired that site when I decided to get out of teaching and mentoring outdoor adventures and skills. It was during a very transitional time in my life, where I made the choice to focus solely on nature photography. The truth is that I loved mentoring and teaching, but it was not my calling in life. My calling is photography; something I had known for many years, but was afraid to dedicate myself to. 

I do a lot of freelance writing on all things outdoors, including gear reviews for Backpackers. But what has been missing is writing for myself. A blog. So this is it. It’s not meant to be anything fancy or mega-interesting or educational. What you can expect to find here are reflections on photoshoots, expeditions and special moments.