Q: What inspires you to take these photos?

A: I simply love the places I explore. They make me a better person and I feel like these animals and landscapes can create something similar in others, just by seeing photos. On the flip side, these wild things need our continued help and support to stay healthy, vibrant and as they are. The stewardship of public lands and the animals in them is so incredibly important. I hope people looking at my work will always think twice about the positive and negative impacts they have on nature.

Q: how long have you been a photographer?

A: I have always been snapping photos like crazy and got my first camera before I can even remember. But as a profession, it’s been a few years. In my early twenties I became a lot more serious about making a career out of this. Constant hard work put me where I am!

Q: what is your favorite subject to photograph?

A: Large and hoofed mammals. Goats, sheep, bison, elk. They have an extreme amount of personality and I feel a very deep connection to them. I think they have such expressive faces and it makes me unreal level happy to be around them.

Q: what isyour favorite thing about photography?

A: It gives a voice to animals and places. It lets me express who I am through my eyes to yours.